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Eye Disease

For us to have a perfectly functioning pair of eyes, the eyes and the brain has to work in concert with each other to create a delicate network. These two are subjected to damages, whether caused by internal or external factors. When this happen, they are bound to disrupt the proper functioning of the eyes, and symptoms will arise, which include tears, aches, congestion, impaired vision and even blindness. These symptoms are cries for help from your eyes indicating that they are in distress and in need of immediate attention.
Can you identify the warning signs from your eyes?

We are inclined to believe that the abnormalities in our vision are caused by the malformation of our eyes, so if we could just wear corrective glasses it would solve the problem. But, this is a misguided belief. Difficulties in our vision may actually arise from problems in the nerves, blood vessel, mental health, lifestyle and hereditary.

The muscle tissue in our body will be torn or injured when subjected to heavy exercise or usage, but at the same time it will also atrophy if it has not been exercised enough, just as how muscle atrophy occur in a patient who is bed ridden for a long period of time. The same principle holds true for the eye tissues. Due to differences in growth, age and work, eye diseases can occur at various stages in the life of each individual, for some it could be during childhood, for others it could be at working age or at old age. Therefore, if you want to preserve your eyes in tip top condition, it is important to understand the causes of eye problems in various stages of life as it would enormously help in keeping eye problems at bay, as prevention is better than cure.