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Functions of Polysaccharides
【1】 Is Anti-cancer、Anti-tumor and prevents the metastasis of tumor cells
The main goal of current research in the study of anti-cancer is to strengthen the presence and activity of macrophages and phagocytes. One of the functions of β-glucan, is to enhance the ability of macrophages. In 1981, the Norwegian Cancer Research Center and Sweden’s Uppsala University compared the immunity strength for 42 kinds of natural polysaccharides, and found out that the glucan in yeast can increase the phagocytic activity for more than 10 times. Subsequent studies also showed that other mammals, including humans, have the same immunity effect and results too.
【2】 Increases non-specific immunity and natural defences
β- glucan could effectively increase immunity. This had been confirmed in many animals including humans. For example, in 1982 Tulum University School of Medicine, studies have shown that white mice has acquired β-glucan immunity within a few hours after they had been injected with high concentration of Escherichia Coli. The mortality rate or bacterial concentration in the blood treatment were much lower. Therefore, it proves that β-glucan does possess the immune protection.
【3】 Removes excess free radicals
Dr. MaraPatchen reported that β-glucan can effectively remove free radicals from the body. It protects and free macrophages from free radical attacks, during and after radiation exposure. Thus, it continues to play an important function for these macrophages.
【4】 Acts against radiation, ultraviolet rays or damage from other pollutants

U.S. Air Force Institute of Radiation Biology exposed white mice to lethal doses of radiation and found that 70% of those animals that had been given β-glucan orally were not affected by radiation.

【5】 Acts as an Effective Oral Immunostimulating agent
During the early 1990s,Dr. Wyde of the Baylor College of Medicine reported that orally administered β-1,3-D-glucan stimulates non-illness specific immunity. Subjects showed significant improvements in macrophage phagocytic activity,with almost the same effect as clinically proven injected immunologic enhancers.
【6】 Cleanses the intestines and assists beneficial intestinal microbial growth

β-glucan possesses polysaccharides of a certain viscosity which are harder to digest by the digestive organs in the body. There should be dietary fiber for it to carry out its function. It can help in gastrointestinal motility by promoting the excretion of harmful intestinal substances.

【7】 Lowers cholesterol
β-glucan has the function of promoting bile acid absorption and excretion. It promotes cholesterol conversion to bile acid to maintain normal inherent cholesterol metabolism for effective inhibition of the rise in serum cholesterol.
【8】 Lowers blood sugar
Polysaccharides can stimulate the IL-1 Cytokines,promoting secretion of insulin to lower blood glucose. This is currently being used in diabetic patients.
【9】 Acts as an Anti-aging agent
Polysaccharides can enhance the immunologic system and combat onset of environmental aging factors,and gives full vitality to the body.
【10】 Acts as a Detoxification agent
Polysaccharides protect human cells from toxicity of undesirable substances and cleanse the body of free radicals.
【11】 Activates the macrophages, NK cells, T cells and Fibroblasts
In order for the defense to be effective,Macrophages are activated, through a process which includes changes in the form and increase in the production of Cytokines IL-1 and IL-2.
【12】 Reduces alcohol, coffee and nicotine toxicity
Apart from extended studies on the removal of free radicals with the use of polysaccharides, scientists have also discovered that the substance has a detoxification function. This protects the human body from being harmed by many types of harmful substances, more specifically, the toxic effects of alcohol hangover, coffee and nicotine.
【13】 Normalizes blood pressure
【14】 Strengthens the function of tissues and organs in the body
【15】 Can enhance the secretion of human cytokines or interferon
【16】 Prevents surgical wounds and complications,accelerates wound healing and protects the
skin and muscles from physical and chemical injury Calcium is of major importance according
to the expert opinion.
The β-glucan Health Protection Pathways
yLifeXtra Concentrated Active Compound
Presciption β-glucan's (1,3;1,6), Effect on the skin
The connection of β-glucan with Langerhans cells and Firoblasts in the skin
Langerhans cells
(1) Skin aging prevention
(2) UV damage defense
(3) Defence against bacterial infection
(4) Accelerating skin repair
(5) Acne prevention
(1) Activates NF-1 to enhance collagen forming, smoothes and firms the skin, reduces wrinkles.
(2) Activates NF-KB to enhance cytokine for regulating skin immunity.
Langerhans cell

A skin macrophage, able to identify invading substances and germs, mainly responsible for the immunity of the skin.

(2) Effectively remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, promoting cell regeneration.
(1) Produces collagen for making skin bouncy and plump, also helps to heal wounds.
(2) Produces cytokines for the regulation of skin immunity.
The anti-oxidation effects of β-glucan
UV light exposure, radiation, chemical reaction or bodily metabolism
will create free vadicals.

Skin cell
Free radical removal Detoxification